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Affordable Medicare & Medigap Insurance in Southern Florida

For 25 years, Skolnick Insurance has provided Connecticut, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida seniors with affordable Medicare and Medicare supplement plans. We represent all major carriers offering Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medigap plans A-N. We’ll help you select the right insurance plan and supplements for your health care needs and budget.

• Original Medicare

• Medicare Advantage

• Medigap

• Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance)

• Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance)

• Medicare Cost Plans

• Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D)

• Long-term Care Insurance

• Life Insurance

Medicare Help for Seniors

In Miami-Dade and Broward County

We understand that navigating the health care and health insurance system can be confusing and at times, overwhelming. At Skolnick Insurance, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and support. If you have a Medicare insurance complaint, problem, or question, we’re here to support you. In fact, we’ll talk to your insurance carrier for you. Leave the worrying, problem-solving, and paperwork to us. That’s what we’re here for.

Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans in Florida

If you’re ready to purchase a Medicare Insurance plan or have questions, contact your local insurance professionals at Skolnick Insurance. We proudly serve the Medicare insurance and Medicare supplement needs of Florida’s seniors, treating every customer like a member of our family.  We’ll take the time to explain your options, making sure you get the right insurance for your health care needs and budget.

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